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Examples of Balloons for Birthdays

3 Balloon Bouquet Example
Balloon Bouquet Examples

Bouquets for birthdays

As well as decorations balloon bouquets make a great gift idea for adults and children and we have something to suit every occasion. Everyone loves balloons so get them a gift that they will remember. We can also deliver your bouquet to make it even more of a special surprise. Bouquets including delivery from just £17.50 same-day delivery available subject to availability

Below is just an example of some of the balloons you could have in your bouquet however this is just a sample of what we can supply because the choice really is endless! Feel free to give us a call for some advice or guidance for your event. You can can also call us if you don't see the balloon you want. We can get most themes with just 2 days notice.

Printed Latex Balloons

Happy Birthday Magenta Balloon
Happy Birthday Red Balloon
Happy Birthday Pink and Berry Balloons
Happy Birthday Blue Balloon
Happy Birthday Pink Balloon
Happy Birthday Clear Balloon
First Birthday Stars Boys Balloon
First Birthday Hearts Girls Balloon
Number One Balloons
Number Two printed latex Balloons
Number Three printed latex Balloons
Number Six printed latex Balloons
Rubber Duck printed latex Balloons
Swirly printed latex Balloons
Princess Balloon
3 Princess Balloons
Disney Frozen Happy Birthday Balloons
Disney Frozen Balloons
Latex Thomas Balloon
Elegant Sparkle Birthday Balloon
Latex Pink printed 18 Balloon
Latex Black and Silver 21st Balloons
Latex Black and Silver 40th Balloons
Latex Wild Berry 40th Balloon
Latex 40 Balloons
Latex Black and White Damask Balloon
Black and Silver Printed Balloon
Black and Gold Printed Balloon
Latex Cow Toy Story Balloon
Latex Paw Prints Balloon
4 Safari Themed Latex Balloon
Marble Effect Balloon
Pink Marble Effect Balloon
Black and White Marble Effect Balloon
Purple and Blue Marble Effect Balloon
Polka Dot Balloons
Black and Magenta Big Polka Dot  Balloons
Pink and Purple Big Polka Dot Balloons
Red Polka Dot Balloon
Black and Red Ladybug Balloons
Red and White Printed Heart Balloons
I Love You Red Rose Balloon
I Love You Red Swirling Hearts Balloon
Love Filigree Balloon
Three Large Valentines Love Heart Foil Balloons

Foil Shapes

Blue Round Foil Balloon
Magenta Round Foil Balloon
Black Heart Foil Balloon
Red Heart Foil Balloon
Rainboe Heart Shaped Foil Balloon
Lavender Heart Shaped Foil Balloon
Light Blue Heart Shaped balloon Foil Balloon
Pink Heart Shaped Foil Balloon
Silver Star Foil Balloon
Gold Star Foil Balloon
Lime Green Star Foil Balloon

34" Foil Numbers

Silver Number 1 Balloon
Gold Number 2 Balloon
Blue Number 3 Balloon
Pink Number 4 Balloon
Purple Number 5 Balloon
Zebra Number 6 Balloon
Multi Colour Number 7 Balloon
Red Number 8 Balloon
Black Number 9 Balloon


Buzz Lightyear Balloon Bouquet
Large Thomas the Tank Engine Bouquet
Large Pink Minnie Mouse Bouquet
Black  21st Birthday Bouquet
Tennis Ball Bouquet

Large Foils

Disney's Frozen Princess Foil Balloon
Princess Sofia Foil Balloon
Large Foil Olaf from Frozen Balloon
Minion Stu Supershape Foil Balloon
Minion Supershape Foil Balloon
Minion Dave Supershape Foil Balloon
Large Foil I Love You Teddy Bear Shaped Balloon
Large Foil Hello Kitty Shaped Balloon
Large Foil Zebras Head Shaped Balloon
Cow's Head Shaped Balloon
Monkey's Head Shaped Balloon
Tiger Head Shaped Balloon
lion's Head Shaped Balloon
Giraffe Head Shaped Balloon
Black Horse Shaped Balloon
Dinosaur Shaped Balloon
Bee Shaped Balloon
Bumble Bee Shaped Balloon
Darth Vader shaped Foil Balloon
Buzz Lightyear Shaped Foil Balloon
Large Thomas the Tank Engine Balloon
Ellie the Elephant shaped Foil Balloon
Smiley Clown's Head Shaped Foil Balloon
Pink Happy Birthday Glass Shaped Foil Balloon
 Lightning McQueen Shaped Foil Balloon
Blue Scooter Shaped Foil Balloon
Large Sports Car Balloon
Large Foil Beer Bottle Birthday Balloon
Large Foil Bottle Balloon
Champagne Bottle Large Foil Balloon
Large Foil Wine Glass Balloon
Large Foil Beer Glass Balloon
Large Foil I Love You Latte Shaped Balloon
Large Foil Cupcake Happy Birthday Balloon
Large Foil Frosted Cupcake Happy Birthday Balloon
Large Foil Love You Cupcake Happy Birthday Balloon


Zebra Gift Balloon


R2D2 Airwalker Balloon
Spiderman Airwalker Balloon


Minnie Mouse 4 Sided Orbz Balloon
Minnie Mouse 4 Sided Orbz Balloon
Spiderman 4 Sided Orbz Balloon
Star Wars 4 Sided Orbz Balloon
Mickey Mouse 4 Sided Orbz Balloon

Bubble Balloons

Bubble Balloon
Minnie Mouse First Birthday Bubble Balloon
Champagne Bottle and Glass Bubble Balloon
Toy Story Bubble Balloon
40th Birthday Bubble Balloon with Swirls